Thursday, April 18, 2013

Top 15 Reasons Why "Star Wars" is Better Than "Titanic"

Top 15 Reasons Why "Star Wars" is Better Than "Titanic"

Date: Wed, 02 Jun 1999 06:38:58 PDT

(15-A) Titanic morals:

a. gamble,

b. cheat on your fiance',

c. pose nude for pictures,

d. premarital sex is OK if you're infatuated.

(15-B) Star Wars morals:

a. fight evil,

b. do good,

c. respect all life even if it's ugly and slithers,

d. rescue princess,

e. save planet.

(14.) Leia is a princess, a senator, a freedom fighter, and Jedi material; Rose is just marriage bait.

(13.) Ewoks throw better parties than either first class or steerage.

(12.) Titanic is egalitarian by portraying poor people as sympathetic characters. Star Wars is egalitarian by promoting bug-eyed amphibians to Admiral.

(11.) We know Cal is the bad guy because he sneers at the poor and treats his fiancee like property. We know Darth Vader is the bad guy because he strangles people and blows up planets for fun.

(10.) Rose braves icy water to rescue her man. Leia braves Jabba the Hutt.

(9.) There are always enough escape pods in Star Wars.

(8.) Do you know what the Empire does to self-proclaimed "kings of the world"?

(7.) "I'd rather be his whore than your wife," just doesn't have the same sting as "I'd just as soon kiss a Wookie."

(6.) Han is frozen in carbonite and turned into a wall ornament. Leo simply freezes.

(5.) Han Solo would've steered clear of that stupid iceberg!

(4.) Yoda could use the Force to lift Titanic out of the water.

(3.) Stormtroopers blast big holes in stupid minor characters; everyone in Titanic was a stupid minor character.

(2.) When Star Wars was proclaimed coolest movie of all time by half of planet earth, George Lucas did not make a dork of himself at the Oscars.

And FINALLY... (Just in case there was EVER any doubt...)

(1.) We ALL knew that the damned boat was going to SINK!! But who could've POSSIBLY anticipated Darth Vader telling Luke Skywalker:

"No.... *I* am your father!"

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My long overdue response to academic tyranny!!!

School admins/principals/teachers/and such others tend to have God Complex because they are in an environment where they are always right by default. Didn't some freaking 6 year old kid get suspended for shaping a pop-tart like a gun???? My LATEST outrage at this kind of crap is the story of Kyron Birdine (a current high school junior). Google his story along with Arlington Independent School District and WFAA News 8 and Texas Education Agency. I'm a 39 year old socially conservative bi-polar "2" male nerd in the nerd sub-culture, which as of now, is in a state of civil war! The nerds like myself are few in number and choose to fight pop-culture sexual immorality, that has us in a fix where RAPISTS and WIFE BEATERS get far more dates than we do, while we are told it is OUR FAULT! I guess the people who tell us that are suggesting that I move UP the food chain to BECOME a rapist or wife beater so I can get more dates! I'm on mental disability because I can't hold down a job worth a shit, and it's taken me 23 1/2 years (from the start of my 16th year until now) to FINALLY see suicide as something that no longer has an alluring quality and is any sort of answer to anything. The other faction has BEEN BROKEN and since they learn at a young age in life that they can't win in romance, they SOON imprint that mentality to ALL life issues (after having been so emasculated by seeing arrogant dumb jocks get girlfriends as easily as scratching their balls) and conclude to NEVER resist or go against the flow EVER again. Here is the letter that I forwarded to the Arlington ISD as well as the Catholic Diocese of Lafayette Louisiana: (I have not been Catholic since mid 2009) ***************************************************** Carbon Copy: Arlington TEXAS ISD AND Catholic Diocese of Lafayette Louisiana (LA) Concerning the four day suspension of Kyron Birdine in 2013 AND the 2001 banning from Sacred Heart High School graduation ceremony of Jonathan Castille AND the 1987 punishment of the ENTIRE FUCKING 7th and 8th grade class of Sacred Heart Elementary to march in a giant circle over the concrete back section, carrying all of our books, of the school for being too loud during the morning assembly to Homeroom class at the hands of (then principal) D.L. Vidrine... and HOW does this ALL relate to all of you, school admin idiot bully Nazis pussy imperialists sociopathic pieces of human shit??????? Before I start, I want to remind ALL of you cocksucking bureaucrats that I am 39 years old, and am therefore NOT some highschool teen kid that you can bully or silence with ANY show of force. If there is any doubt, re-read the first sentence! I'm actually hoping you little arrogant bully cum gulping self-righteous government prostitutes have the NERVE to accuse me of some bullshit that I DIDN'T do, DIDN'T say, DIDN'T imply, or DIDN'T even fucking remotely suggest in any way, shape, form or fashion! Teachers/principals/school admins are so stuck up their own ass, and have a God Complex because when they crack the whip to underaged minors, kids have no recourse, that they actually make up a rule in their head, that was NEVER told to the students, and when the student unknowingly breaks that rule, for having been NEVER in formed, the school Nazi admin officer, punishes the student! You can fucking RAPE a student on campus and since you are GOD as far as anyone is concerned, you get away with it! If you FUCKING give me any SHIT like a threat, a lawsuit, or accusation of me posing any danger to you, I am going to a FUCKING lawyer, the FUCKING media, and take your anal virginity from you so QUICKLY by drilling so far up your tight Nazi assholes that Vlad the Impaler will jump out of his grave, just so he can blush and BOW to me as a heartless and cruel son of a bitch, even by HIS standards! Now, if I've got your attention! We can get to business! In 1987, my Principal D.L. Vidrine had Miss Eva announce to ALL 7th and 8h graders, to go to the back of the school yard with all of their books. Okay, I thought we were having a fire drill! We get up there, and D.L. Vidrine is going off in a tirade about how loud we were in the morning BEFORE school started, in the halls as we walked to our homeroom class! He orders us to walk in a huge circle in this big path, so that the ENTIRE 7th and 8th grade student body did this until our arms felt like they were going to fall off, (one student Harry Gene Williams, dropped his books and D.L. Vidrine took off his belt and started whipping him like a mule or an S&M fantasy that I am now assuming D.L. Vidrine had) and when he finally finishes abusing us (guess he attained an erection from flexing his power over a bunch of 12 and 13 year olds, and was now biologically ready to go fuck Miss Eva in the ass in a few minutes), and dismissed us. We tried to write our drills in English, and we students complained that our hands were shaking when we tried to hold them still enough to write. Miss Tina just sighed (I don't know if she was disgusted by D.L. Vidrine, or not because she as well as ALL the other teachers didn't do JACK SHIT to intervene against D.L. Vidrine!), and told us to try to write as best we could. That was fucking amazing!! Then the next morning, Miss Eva announces that D.L. Vidrine wanted to thank us for being quite when we walked down the halls to our homeroom. This was a RULE that he made up IN HIS HEAD, and there wasn't JACK SHIT ever told to us about being "too noisy" in the morning, and MORE importantly, he FUCKING PUNISHES THE WHOLE 7TH AND 8TH GRADE, ignoring the ones that were NOT loud, from a RULE that he NEVER told us!!!!!! Okay, flash forward to 2001: I hear that Jonathan Castille got so pissed off at these two typical white rich stuck up ville platte bitches that had been repeatedly giving him shit, and even had been summoned to the high school principal's office before, that for the Senior Trip, he didn't care if their bus caught fire and went off a cliff. So, the bitches complain, like they DIDN'T provoke that out of him, and the school admin goes to the DIOCESE with this BULLSHIT, and the diocese labels this as a death threat!! Aw, fuck me! They even went to the Ville Platte Police, but the cops said the case was BULLSHIT! So they ban Jonathan from the graduation, and told ALL the students that if they uttered a word of this to the news, they TOO would be banned from graduation. I was so PISSED because this was the type of shit that I saw at that NAZI WHITE SUPREMACIST DEATH CAMP trying to pass itself off as a fucking school! I called the desk during my lunch and get forwarded to a Mr. Ducote, and his version was just that they didn't want students to repeat conjecture to the paper or TV or whoever the fuck. That calmed me down, so I was like, oh well, fuck it. Flash forward to Kyron Birdine that got NAZI BULLIED by the Arlington ISD this year in 2013: Who the FUCK do you NAZIS think you are???? He uses his twitter to post a picture of the phrase YOLO with a smiley face, and you cocksucking NAZI assholes crack your whip and give him four days suspension for apparently violating some technicality of "breach of security"???? Who the FUCK gave you the power to make up shit that doesn't violate JACK SHIT?????? How the FUCK was this kid supposed to know that you cocksuckers would extend the definition of this shit to include something that he did on his OWN PERSONAL TIME AND ACCOUNT???? FUCK YOU ASSHOLE NAZI CUM GUZZLING PIECES OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You remind me of that bullshit where the kid gets suspended for shaping a pop tart like a gun!!!!!!!!! I don't even know how to end this letter, but SOMEONE on this planet of 6 BILLION PLUS people needs to remind you that you are NOT GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I might have some legal obligation HIPPA shit or some bullshit bullfuck or some shit to say this,so here I go! I was suicidal in my junior year in high school, and on and off throughout college. I'd take math tests that I thought were a breeze and would get very low Fs. I went to counselors over and over and they couldn't come up with jack shit. I have boiling putrid rage at women in general because assholes get the dates today and guys like me rarely do. I was in this CLUSTERFUCK incident with a woman that was my PSYC 110 teacher in the Spring semester of 1993. I was trying to pay her a cloaked discrete compliment to but a bug in her ear that I may have an eye on her, then lay low until we were no longer teacher and student (she was a grad student) and ask her out, or more accurately ask her to see E.T. at my house on VCR, and THEN ask her out on a date. I had a very close female friend that semester and earlier that was repetitive and FIRM that she hates it when a guy meets her and takes 4 or 5 months to ask her out, because by then she sees them too much as a friend or brother. So, I thought that the woman teacher I had would tell me that (if I dropped no hints that semester) that she got to see me as a student only, and dating me would be weird. Also, I had the WHOLE FUCKING WORLD telling me that the reason why I barely got dates was because I wasn't aggressive or manly enough, so I was trying to be mildy flirty, but not pornographically provocative, and my compliment backfired and freaked her out SO BADLY that it snowballed and degenerated to her filing a formal police complaint against me with the St. Martinville police in Spring 1995, to tell me that they weren't going to take sides, BUT she wanted absolutely no interaction with me whatsoever in the future. So I said OK. I had NIGHTMARES about her for NINE YEARS that she was screaming at me and calling me a rapist and all kind of shit, and THEN I still have an occasional nightmare about her. From behavior that she exhibited from conversations I had with her in her office, and from a segment in class as my teacher, I concluded in retrospect that it was highly likely that she had been raped before we ever met, maybe molested as a young girl. I don't know. This pissed me off to no end, because the whole fucking world told me that if I didn't date in high school it was no big deal because college was going to be this magical land where all the formers nerds are going to come out of their cocoons and have a girlfriend and maybe even wind up married someday! Anything but! I watch rapists and wife beaters get more dates than I do, yet I am told I am sexually inferior to these pieces of human shit, and it is MY fault! In 2002, I got diagnosed with bipolar "2" disorder and have been taking medication for it ever since, and I have not advanced worth jack shit. I am on SSDI, and I am the worse off that I have ever been in my life because the ONLY things I want to do in life, which involve me building an activist political software company, seems impossible because of the MOUNTAIN or programming material that I've tried to study, but can not retain for the life of me, and there is no hope in site. Also I have religious problems with this because it seems that God put me on Earth to accomplish nothing at all. I left the Catholic church in mid 2009, and find ALL churches in contempt because Brittney Spears has more power in her right pinkie than all of the religions on Earth COMBINED, and THEN some! I hear fucking sluts and/or liberals bitch about their rights are violated and so-called "government in the bedroom" but THEY have not been dateless for SIX YEARS LIKE I have!!!!! And then we have Sandra fucking Fluke going to the PRESIDENT to pay for her birth control to have pre-marital sex; I can only imagine my Republican ass going to Obama and asking Congress to subsidize my monthly Vaseline expenditures so I can jack off without straining my SSDI check!!! Finally, I got to a point where suicide seems ridiculous and is no longer this appealing option that it has seemed as for so fucking long!!!! This has been a 26 1/2 year journey (ages 16-39), but FUCK IT; there's got to be more to life than blowing your fucking head off!!!!!!! My dear friend Christopher Morse Bullen killed himself in 1997. I would have taken a bullet and died a slow agonizing death, for that guy!! I'd give a limb to bring him back!!! So I got nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And to wrap up any loose ends to cover my ass: DISCLAIMER: None of said aforementioned text documentation of incidents and opinions is to be interpreted as any open-ended insinuations, suggested or however directly or indirectly implied course of any action or procedure, and is in no way to be construed or interpreted as any possible act with implied ulterior motives, OTHER THAN TO educate and inform members of aforementioned institutions and professions that THEY ARE ROYALLY FUCKING SHIT UP HARDCORE AND COULD NOT BE DOING A WORSE JOB IF THEY HAD BEEN PLANNING IT FOR THE LAST 30 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...and fuck you! Kirk James Fontenot

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Legal same-sex marriage will snowball to more liberal indoctrination My response: My complaint is that government power to impose liberalism on citizens has been, and will SNOWBALL. Liberals have been SCREAMING at conservatives that NOTHING will change in their heterosexual lives and/or marriages if same-sex marriage is allowed. I recently debated with a few pro same-sex marriage users on Youtube, that when the brute, raw, sloppy and amoral FORCE of the Federal Government (aka Big Brother from the book "1984") orders Americans to have or not have certain morals, it allows liberals the POWER to define "freedom", & that it NEVER ends! When I cited that many pro so-called "LGBT" people have ALREADY stated that this is just the beginning and when I stated that this can and WILL snowball downward to have the GOVERNMENT redefine love, marriage, relationships, sexual morals, masculinity and femininity, THEY DIDN'T LIFT A FINGER TO DEFEND THEMSELVES OR CITE ME AS REMOTELY WRONG, but instead sarcastically asked why was I afraid of "CHANGE"! AND THAT IS THE TRAP! They SCREAM things won't change, then when called on that, they ADMIT it is a HUGE CHANGE, but they equate you to the EQUIVALENT of racist whites in times like 1940 that were against integration, and sexist males around the time of 1890 that didn't want women to vote! So, they ADMIT and EVEN ASSERT for it to be GOOD that the government (combined with pop-culture morality) is now a "God-State" that is ALL seeing and knowing, and INCAPABLE of making a mistake! Their rallying cry is "You can't legislate morality!", and FORGET that the definition of government *IS* the legislation of morality!!!!! As for the "Snowball effect"?? Birth certificates won't have "mother/father"; they'll now have "Parent A/Parent B". The boy/girl pairs in school dance classes are going to be blasted as a "hate crime", and I wouldn't put it past the more rabid liberals to FORCE hetero boys to dance with OTHER hetero boys, and destroy any an all pretense that any kind of couple must be defined as strictly boy/girl. Recently, a girl at a high school got ORDERED to change out her pro-abstinence T-shirt, because the school said it had sexual overtones! Never mind that high schools (thanks to pop-culture and a pile of other variables) are just indoctrination camps for sluthood, and some schools have the LEGAL FORCE to teach kids that pre-marital sex is OK, if you are "committed" to each other (translation: third date OR if you are drunk at a party). I got a BETTER one! If the "don't ask; don't tell" military policy gets tweaked and polished in the right way, it'll be impossible to ESCAPE the admission that with open showers that homosexual men are allowed to see the gender that they are ATTRACTED TO (being MALES, regardless if homo or hetero) bare butt naked, and can arguably be cited as a serious ethics issue! The ONLY way out of that will be for "LGBT" activists to STRONGLY ASSERT that it is a REAL issue of SELF-CONTROL, CIVILITY and RESPECT, so that as long as the homosexual soldiers have the utmost discipline and morality that is becoming of a SOLDIER, then there is NO problem WHATSOEVER! (And THEN comes the ethical SEQUEL of that previous event!) It can easily degenerate to a point where gender mixed military locations have CO-ED SHOWERS with male and female soldiers shower naked in plain site of each other, and that SHOULD BE NO ISSUE because there is this ESTABLISHED PRECEDENT that the REAL issue is for the soldier who is seeing the gender that they are ATTRACTED TO, NAKED, is one of SELF-CONTROL, CIVILITY and RESPECT! You see the problem of the LOOMING DISASTER???? FEMALE SOLDIERS will be ORDERED, REQUIRED and FORCED to shower with MALE SOLDIERS with no recourse in the SLIGHTEST because of the previous policy! Liberalism has a "crowbar" technique!!!! They inch along bit by bit and just get more aggressive with the more power they attain!!!