Saturday, March 23, 2013

Legal same-sex marriage will snowball to more liberal indoctrination My response: My complaint is that government power to impose liberalism on citizens has been, and will SNOWBALL. Liberals have been SCREAMING at conservatives that NOTHING will change in their heterosexual lives and/or marriages if same-sex marriage is allowed. I recently debated with a few pro same-sex marriage users on Youtube, that when the brute, raw, sloppy and amoral FORCE of the Federal Government (aka Big Brother from the book "1984") orders Americans to have or not have certain morals, it allows liberals the POWER to define "freedom", & that it NEVER ends! When I cited that many pro so-called "LGBT" people have ALREADY stated that this is just the beginning and when I stated that this can and WILL snowball downward to have the GOVERNMENT redefine love, marriage, relationships, sexual morals, masculinity and femininity, THEY DIDN'T LIFT A FINGER TO DEFEND THEMSELVES OR CITE ME AS REMOTELY WRONG, but instead sarcastically asked why was I afraid of "CHANGE"! AND THAT IS THE TRAP! They SCREAM things won't change, then when called on that, they ADMIT it is a HUGE CHANGE, but they equate you to the EQUIVALENT of racist whites in times like 1940 that were against integration, and sexist males around the time of 1890 that didn't want women to vote! So, they ADMIT and EVEN ASSERT for it to be GOOD that the government (combined with pop-culture morality) is now a "God-State" that is ALL seeing and knowing, and INCAPABLE of making a mistake! Their rallying cry is "You can't legislate morality!", and FORGET that the definition of government *IS* the legislation of morality!!!!! As for the "Snowball effect"?? Birth certificates won't have "mother/father"; they'll now have "Parent A/Parent B". The boy/girl pairs in school dance classes are going to be blasted as a "hate crime", and I wouldn't put it past the more rabid liberals to FORCE hetero boys to dance with OTHER hetero boys, and destroy any an all pretense that any kind of couple must be defined as strictly boy/girl. Recently, a girl at a high school got ORDERED to change out her pro-abstinence T-shirt, because the school said it had sexual overtones! Never mind that high schools (thanks to pop-culture and a pile of other variables) are just indoctrination camps for sluthood, and some schools have the LEGAL FORCE to teach kids that pre-marital sex is OK, if you are "committed" to each other (translation: third date OR if you are drunk at a party). I got a BETTER one! If the "don't ask; don't tell" military policy gets tweaked and polished in the right way, it'll be impossible to ESCAPE the admission that with open showers that homosexual men are allowed to see the gender that they are ATTRACTED TO (being MALES, regardless if homo or hetero) bare butt naked, and can arguably be cited as a serious ethics issue! The ONLY way out of that will be for "LGBT" activists to STRONGLY ASSERT that it is a REAL issue of SELF-CONTROL, CIVILITY and RESPECT, so that as long as the homosexual soldiers have the utmost discipline and morality that is becoming of a SOLDIER, then there is NO problem WHATSOEVER! (And THEN comes the ethical SEQUEL of that previous event!) It can easily degenerate to a point where gender mixed military locations have CO-ED SHOWERS with male and female soldiers shower naked in plain site of each other, and that SHOULD BE NO ISSUE because there is this ESTABLISHED PRECEDENT that the REAL issue is for the soldier who is seeing the gender that they are ATTRACTED TO, NAKED, is one of SELF-CONTROL, CIVILITY and RESPECT! You see the problem of the LOOMING DISASTER???? FEMALE SOLDIERS will be ORDERED, REQUIRED and FORCED to shower with MALE SOLDIERS with no recourse in the SLIGHTEST because of the previous policy! Liberalism has a "crowbar" technique!!!! They inch along bit by bit and just get more aggressive with the more power they attain!!!