Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sex educaton according to liberals!

What is the deal with liberal sex ed? Any conservative complaints?

Theta Q

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  1. sex education according to liberals!

    Okay guys and gals,

    Something just occurred to me recently. I have clashed with many liberals saying that the teen sex rate at 60% and pre-marital sex rate at 90% is this unchangeable constant that is hard-wired into our brains, our society and the universe itself. It can't be altered in any way. There is a recent study of the federal government that has shown that abstinence programs are a JOKE because they do not result in reduced teen sex.

    So why BOTHER with sex education? According to the left winged premise, the knowledge of sex and desire for it is hard wired in us all. It is the impenetrable mountain of rock that can't be defeated. What is there left to teach? Like in the TV show "everybody loves raymond" the father Frank said that when he didn't mention sex to his sons that it was because you don't need to tell the bee where the nectar is (or something).

    You see my point? I once had a fellow student tell me a story in opposition to my pro-virginity letters to the school paper. She said that there were two girls: one of them had parents that said NEVER have pre-marital sex. She DID and I think was promiscuous. The other's parents said if and when you decided to do it use a condom. And she had only one sex partner which she later married or something like that. I told her that it was a typical story: conservatism being applied half-ass and getting poor results.

    So to repeat my question: if the kids are hard wired and they are gonna do it anyway, then what is there left to teach and why teach anything?